FReD is built for your mobile field reporting needs. Its 2 components – an Android-based mobile app and a cloud-based reporting tool – cover everything you need for field data collection and analysis.

With the FReD mobile app, your field workers can cover stores as per their journey plan, access individually mapped and accurate store data, report against desired questions, take pictures of executions, place orders and much more. All on the go! Simple and easy, FReD removes the need for physical filing, phone calls and redundant emails or texts. See what you can do with FReD.

Once the information is entered on the mobile app it is saved to the cloud instantly. This means information is immediately available for consumption and sharing. Anybody with permissions can run reports and draw insights for real time decision making. Enterprise level security ensures your data is safe.

FReD can be easily deployed by anyone with reasonable knowledge of MS Excel. You don’t need expensive IT resources to manage the application.

  • Works online and offline on Mobiles, Tablets and Laptops
  • For Android. iOS version available is coming soon.
  • Reliable, secure, scalable Software
  • Hosted in the cloud on AWS
  • Integrates with Leading BI Tools