Sales Force Automation & Management Software

Sales Automation and Management Software

What is Sales Force Automation?

The process of enabling your sales force with mobile reporting software to capture and manage field sales data is known as sales force automation or SFA.

A company can witness marked improvement in the sales force productivity with the help of right sales team management software like FReD. With real time data collection and reporting, it can drive efficiency into your field sales operations, reducing team management headaches and enhancing sales productivity.



The following features make FReD the preferred sales force automation software:

Real time updates:

Using FReD, you can gather live updates on every visit of your sales personnel in the field and get details of tasks being carried out.

Territory Management:

In field sales, territory management plays an important role in maximizing sales productivity. The integrated maps allow setting up of routes which facilitate better productivity and higher sales.

Reports and Dashboards:

Turn data into powerful and insightful information by accessing, delving deeper into the automatically generated sales reports. You can filter reports according to territory, field sales agent and other options.

Order Capture and Management

Using FReD, your field sales personnel can capture orders and the data will instantly sync with the cloud. Businesses can monitor sales performance in real time.

Integration With Other Tools to Pull Inventory Data

FReD allows integration with 3rd Party tools such as SAP for inventory management. Before capturing an order, your field sales force can check for the availability of inventory in your warehouse. And provide an immediate timeline to your customer for delivery. On-the-spot Invoicing

Your field sales force can also create invoices on-the-spot and print it via Bluetooth connected printers through the mobile device.

Advantages of using FReD:

Data management in real time:

All data entry, management and validation can be done in real time. Our sales automation software reduces redundancies and diminishes all scope for fraudulent field data entry. Subsequently, data relayed in real time can be utilized to update and adapt to a dynamic business environment.

Better time management:

Our field reporting software, FReD helps territory sales managers better supervise their field sales force and assign tasks. This leads to better time management which enables the sales team to complete more tasks.

Excellent customer service:

FReD helps businesses serve their customers better by planning routes, analyzing and recording customer feedback etc. This ensures that your business will never have to keep customers waiting.


Our sales automation and sales force management software is available on a usage based pricing model where you only pay for what you use.

If you think about it, automation is the need of the hour. In order to avoid manual double entries, errors, fraud etc., and prevent creation of loopholes in sales tasks, it is necessary to adopt field force management software like FReD. It can be easily customized to match your processes and work flow.

Sales Forecasting:

Predict sales trends by regular analysis of automatically generated sales reports.

Operational efficiency:

Streamline all sales processes, inventory, team management, performance, field management etc. on various mobile platforms including Android and iOS.

Plan your business more efficiently. For a well rounded field force automation software comprising modules for journey planning, sales order capture, inventory management, audits and reporting, click on the link below and get a live demo today.