Retail Execution & Store Audit Software


Retail audits are critical for managing stock levels, gathering data on sales trends and ensuring effectiveness of store promotions. However, the process itself is challenging, since large amounts of data needs to be collected, processed and reported as part of the audit. While the process is largely manual, it can be a time consuming and expensive activity for retail businesses to carry out. If you want to make data collection easier or provide your team with a simpler and much more efficient way to get the auditing done, finding the right retail reporting software is a must. This is where FReD comes in.

FReD is a store audit and retail execution software used by several Global FMCG brands. They rely on the efficiency and accuracy of retail audit data provided by FReD, enabling them to make informed business decisions. With a store audit solution, it’s easy to keep track of everything, from your reps to your planograms.

Retail Audit & Execution Features

The following features offered by FReD make it the most comprehensive retail audit and execution software:

  • In-store brand standards adherence
  • Product / Brand / POS Placement Audits
  • Stock availability
  • Ability to map photos against audit questions
  • View, evaluate and score the photos against parameters
  • Measure and publish compliance report

Benefits of Implementing Retail Audit Solution

Investing in a retail audit software adds more value to your business. Some benefits of implementing it are outlined as follows:

Simple and secure data collection

No complicated processes, no need to invest in training your team on field data collection. Data can be entered in a simple manner via the mobile retail audit app, and uploaded to the cloud at the click of one button. The data is uploaded securely to the cloud and allows you to access it as soon as the upload has been completed.

Improve Retail Execution

Several retail business owners struggle to carry out their operations, in-store audits and customer engagement strategies simultaneously in their stores. With a retail execution software like FReD, you don’t have to worry about running out of stocks or non-compliance issues.

Know what your competitors are doing

FReD can be not only used for retail reporting and audit of your own operations, but also for keeping a close eye on what your competition is doing. Deploy this field audit app as a comparative tool for measuring attributes like linear shelf space, face ups, assets placed, stock depths, and gain valuable insights into your competitor’s strategy.

Gain information on real time basis

Your field force can collect data on the go by feeding-in information at the click of a button. All the data being entered gets collated and synced securely in a centralized database, where field-team managers can access it for immediate actions or further analysis. The cloud based retail audit software is really helpful when it comes to data analysis.

Inventory Management

From keeping an eye on your inventory to managing your assets and SKUs, using a substandard tool can lead to a lot of costly mistakes. When you rely on this merchandising audit software, though, keeping everything in line is easy and stress-free. No need to lose your hair, trying to keep inventory problems from happening. You can track those problems down and nip them in the bud.

Accessible on Any Device, Anytime, Anywhere

This retail reporting software works on both iOS and Android mobiles & tablets, laptops and desktop units. So you can easily switch from one device to another, without any worry of losing valuable data in the process. All the data is stored on the cloud and anyone on your team can access the system and use it, whether they’re on the desk or in the field. It’s the kind of anytime, anywhere access you’ll want in your corner.

Improvement in Field Performance

Consistent, ongoing data collection which is secure and error free allows you to monitor trends on your store execution, in-store audits and field performance. Thereby, you can build performance models to incentivize your field teams.

Photographic Evidence

Field reps conducting the retail audit can take photos, complete a set of predefined questions and enter any information on placement of products in respective stores using their mobile devices. The option of incorporating photos in the audit process allows you the flexibility to validate your information when carrying out compliance related activities.

Integrated Reporting

The integrated reporting modules provided through the retail reporting software allows you to carry out streamlined analysis of store audit, field merchandising and retail execution activities and also monitor the effectiveness of your field marketing efforts.