Medical Field Service Software

Medical Field Service Management Software

A well-managed healthcare data management process can be beneficial for patients, health workers, medical representatives, medical device manufacturers and everyone else involved in this chain. With the vision of improving the data collection, management and reporting process we have introduced FReD, a 360° field service software forthe Medical Industry. Whether it is health care at home, specimen collection for pathology labs or medical equipment management, FReD can transform your field operations!


Record and share data in real-time:

Whether it is about recording the details of patients being visited by health care personnel or keeping a track of the visits and tasks being executed by them, FReD helps document all the information.

Easy to Use:

All a health professional needs to do is to download the app on their smart-phone and feed the information collected.

Improves Productivity:

No manual work related inaccuracies! Further, using FReD to record data not only helps save time (which means your field reps can utilize the same time to accomplish more tasks), but also ensures data protection as this data gets stored in the central database back in your organization. A lost or damaged device will not mean a setback for your organization.

Schedule and monitor visits:

Our healthcare scheduling software makes job scheduling a breeze. Managers can quickly assign work to the team of healthcare professionals and keep a check on time taken to complete visits, territories covered in a day, their daily work-performance and much more.

FReD is a technological boon if you are looking for a proven healthcare field service and inspection software.

Applications and Use Cases

You benefit in the following ways by incorporating FReD:

For Specimen Collection – Pathology Labs

  • Easy scheduling and route planning for home / patient visits
  • Real time tracking of sample / specimen collection and tests to be performed
  • Optimization of lab technicians required to conduct tests
  • Timely delivery of pathology reports made smooth

For Medical Representatives- Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Management of data generated by Medical Reps (MRs).
  • Easy scheduling of doctor and hospital visits
  • Real-time tracking of samples distributed to doctors
  • Customized CRM for your business

For Medical Equipment Manufacturers and Distributors

  • Schedule preventative maintenance of devices
  • Medical equipment manufacturers and distributors can optimize service resources both in field as well as in office
  • Mobile access to contracts, products, pricing and discounting, thereby helping you gain a competitive edge
  • Helps streamlining functions such as managing Spare Parts Inventory, Scheduling, Field Service, Asset Management, Parts and Equipment Sales
  • GPS-stamped data sharing as well as keeping track of the technicians
  • Allows field technicians to order parts directly in the field.
  • Forms and questionnaires, digital signatures and photos help complete the inspection process quickly. Quick generation of inspection reports which can be analyzed easily
  • Easy data-import from your existing healthcare data management solution

Effective management, increased control and greater productivity now made possible. So, what are you waiting for? Click on the link below and get your free demo now.