Mobile Field Service Management Software

Field Service Management Software

FReD is a cloud-based mobile field service management (FSM) software which can help businesses deliver better services, increase productivity of field personnel and generate more revenue.

Managing field service operations manually lends itself to several inaccuracies and loopholes. FReD’s cloud based field service software gives you accurate, automated field service management with real time updates and better field productivity, helping you win customer satisfaction.




  • Integrated maps – for territory management and planning journeys for field reps
  • Mobile workforce management - assign work on-the-go and assess daily performance based on real time updates on task execution
  • Cloud-based storage - accommodate vast amounts of data in a secured database
  • Questionnaires and dashboards – enable data-entry at the click of a button
  • Supports wide range of activities – easily customize your workflow
  • Access control - define roles & access levels for each field service technician
  • GPS-stamped data collection
  • Photo Audits – ensures full regulatory compliance
  • Scan Bar Codes – keep track of materials used
  • Customer Signature – collect customer feedback and signature
  • Usage-based pricing customized for your needs

Benefits of FReD field service software:

The following are the benefits of using Fred’s cloud field service software:

Manage work-orders efficiently

  • Generate quotes and manage work orders from anywhere at the touch of a button
  • Update status of work order in real time and create invoices instantly

Job Scheduling and Dispatch

  • Assign work from anywhere and keep a check on each work order and every field-representative in real-time.

Get a technologically-driven Work-force

  • Enables field service reps to update work orders on their smart-phones
  • Instant record of all the work which has been completed
  • Field service engineers can see order/purchase history of each customer, take down their signatures digitally, add attachments (like photos or documents) and edit forms

Seamless Integration

  • Easy to deploy - can be integrated with almost any CRM, ERP or accounting system
  • Easy-to-use and simple to understand - therefore no training costs or hassles for adoption.

Better Service to Higher Sales

  • Quicker responses, higher first-time fix rates improves customer satisfaction
  • Happier customers means your field service engineers can upsell and cross sell other products and services. Convert a service call into a sales call!

Applications and Use Cases

FReD’s cloud based FSM Software can be used to track field reps in many industries.

  • In Telecom & Cable Industry – field service engineers who install Dish TVs, Cable Internet etc. in residences and offices
  • In Healthcare – medical professionals who deliver in-home healthcare and field engineers who service medical equipment in hospitals and clinics
  • In Utilities – field engineers who install new connections or repair leakages
  • In Construction & HVAC Industry – construction workers who install windows, modular kitchens; job site inspectors

All in all, FReD is the ultimate cloud field service management software comprising modules for job scheduling, mobile data collection, field force automation, compliance, audits and reports.