Field Merchandising Software


FReD is a 360 degree field merchandising solution for your retail business. It not only helps control merchandise and collect stock data but also provides field merchandisers an easy access to mobile data collection tools required to conduct in-store activities.

Field-merchandisers can perform inspections using their mobile devices, while managers can view the data uploaded real time over the cloud. FreD merchandising software enhances the functionality and structure you need to schedule, order, price, distribute and analyze merchandise along with ensuring maximum cost-effectiveness.

Used by retailers and suppliers for better execution of in-store activities, FReD mobile merchandising software enables field team managers to outline a set of clear targets for merchandisers. It therefore enables managers to streamline their retail execution processes.

FReD field merchandising software has an intuitive design which simplifies even the most complex merchandising planning methods. Moreover, using FReD helps in saving time as its activity dashboards and reports show merchandising audit results at the click of a button.

All in all, merchandising software like FReD is all that you need to monitor implementation as well as enhance efficiency of your retail merchandising operations. By reducing the time which goes into planning routes, accessing information and providing audit and survey-related data, managers can focus on building robust retail operations.

Innovative features offered by FReD

Here is a sneak peek into the innovative features offered by FReD:

  • Visit Scheduling
  • Territory/Route Optimization
  • Promotion Management
  • Order Taking/Price Lists
  • Surveys/Audits/Dashboards
  • Mobile Data Collection and Reporting
  • GPS/Time Stamped Data
  • Real Time Monitoring of Merchandising Activities

What’s more, FReD mobile field merchandising software is easy to set-up and comes with a per-user pricing plan.

Looking for an effective field merchandising software which also offers additional features to execute field marketing, retail audits and field data collection? Choose FReD and ask for a free demo now.