Field Marketing Software


Efficient field marketing and retail execution results in excellence in the store which translates into better availability, higher visibility and productive deployment of resources. This execution plan sounds good on paper but must be visible and validated through appropriate and accurate data.

Since retail execution has wide coverage, ability to make execution delivery visible is no simple task. Use of paper based, SMS-based or in recent times, even Whatsapp based methodologies are challenging as they are difficult to assimilate, analyse and share.

Furthermore, inconsistent manual reporting, lag in data flow, time gaps between field marketing events and appropriate actions from the concerned team, errors in data, haphazardly managed paperwork and fraudulent reports are some of the issues faced by field team marketing managers.

Keeping in mind these challenges, we have introduced FReD aka Field Reporting Dude. This field reporting software addresses the aforementioned issues faced by field marketing managers.

How FReD helps optimize field marketing activities?

FReD enables managers to coordinate and manage territory-wise segregated field teams at the click of a button. As a field marketing software, FReD is designed to provide businesses with a complete insight into store inventory which maximizes compliance at the retail level.

Field marketing feature of FReD can be easily utilized by your field-force as it can be installed on any standard smart-phone and can be used on the go. This helps field team managers stay in touch with their field representatives and receive regular updates about field marketing activities.

Benefits of implementing a Field Marketing Automation Solution

Implementing FReD as a field marketing solution for your organization offers the following benefits:

  • Get actionable information on real time basis
  • Time-stamped data, GPS monitoring of field reps
  • Maximization of in-store time
  • Quick and seamless mobile data collection which leads to elimination of paperwork
  • Route optimization
  • Ensures compliance with your retail execution plans which includes scheduling visits, demarcation, allocation and management of territories, dashboards and analytic reports.

FReD would be a significant catalyst in improving the level of customer satisfaction and ensuring retail compliance at stores. It is not only simple, fast and easily deployable but also allows companies to plan, supervise, control and analyze field marketing events in an innovative way which helps in making retail visits more efficient.

For a 360 degree field marketing solution comprising of field data collection, retail audits and field merchandising, click on the link below and order your FREE demo now.