Field Data Collection Software


Make your project managers’ lives easier by giving them real time data and information that they need to manage their staff and allocate assets effectively. Field data collection is something that is needed in every industry from healthcare to construction, retail to institutions, nonprofits to manufacturing. Whether you are conducting a retail audit in your own store, or getting information on assets in a far-flung location, FReD field data collection software puts an app on your device, and then puts data at your fingertips. Plus, you’ll discover the benefits of a functional, flexible cloud based app, such as:

  • Design projects and campaigns.
  • Plan and schedule events and customer visits.
  • Map to region and territory.
  • Trace inventory by SKU and brand in user-created custom catalogs
  • Customize forms and user access.
  • Create sales routes and track representatives.
  • Capture signatures, photos, and track receipts.

Once you try FReD, you’ll see the benefits of real time information, instead of waiting for forms and staff to make their way back to your base of operations. Vital information about stock levels, inventory, CRM, and sales force activity is in your hands with a point and click or swish and tap. Even better, FReD deploys quickly, so you can view data in just 24 hours. See what you’ve been missing in your data stream, and get a demo today!