Construction Field Management Software

Construction Field Service Management Software

In order to provide a solution to possible loopholes in the construction work-flow, we have developed FReD, a proven Field Reporting software. Our mobile construction management software helps you be in charge of the entire construction-related field management process, without really visiting the field every time. All you need to do is to make your field reps download the app and make them familiar with using this construction field data collection software.

FReD is easy to use, shows execution of construction processes in real time thus making it easy to manage operations quickly, minimize the scope of inaccuracies and analyse data regularly to improve productivity.



FReD, our field reporting software comes with the following features which let you take control of the construction field work:

  • Customised workflows, checklists, electronic forms and questionnaires to collect data quickly and without possible errors.
  • Status updates in real time which keep you in the know of the performance of your construction workers.
  • Cloud-based data storage allows switching from paper-based mode of data collection to a more secure, safer and accurate option.
  • Visualisation of architectural and engineering designs that can direct the field workers and ensure that the project is progressing in the right direction.
  • Attach photos, sketches or any other reference material to add authenticity to automatically generated reports.
  • Measure and publish compliance report

Advantages of using FReD

The features mentioned above provides a host of benefits to those who choose technology over outdated methods of construction field data collection. These include:

Streamline operations and promote compliance–

FReD helps streamline job site inspections and keep a track of work-flow processes. Further, you can minimize the chances of injuries and risks by providing your field-force with more consistent, precise, and auditable procedures.

Promotes Team-Work-

Right from construction field engineers to team managers and field inspectors, everybody can stay connected and work collaboratively. Managers can proactively manage and guide their teams about job site safety and other crucial aspects of construction work. FReD provides a web-based reporting platform for all your field management activities.

Quality work in lesser time-

When everything is at your fingertips, it is easier for construction field engineers and supervisors to execute tasks quickly and with more accuracy.

Simplified Commissioning and Handover processes – It is easier to keep a track of the commissioning process by collecting details about equipment and component being used in the field.


With FReD, data is not just about hordes of facts collected from here and there. In fact, it turns intosystematically collectedinsightful information that helps you manage quality and safety and minimize contractor risk within your projects and company.

Pay for what you use:

Unlike other construction field software, FReD comes with the flexibility of usage-based pricing; which means getting technological-driven won’t cost you a bomb.

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