About Us

FReD is founded by Mahimm Gupta, an authority in field marketing and Sarvesh Bagla, a digital marketing and application development expert.

Mahimm Gupta

Mahimm has 16 years of expertise in the field marketing space. Having built, PP Merchandising Services (PPMS), as one of India’s largest field marketing companies while working with top brands and retailers, he knows the ground realities of field marketing. Over the years his company used many field reporting applications, but either they didn’t work or were too expensive. That’s when the idea to build his own application germinated. His insights and learnings from many years of rigorous field marketing have enabled the building of this mobile field reporting application. His experience has ensured the application works with real world scenarios.

Sarvesh Bagla

With a Masters in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon, experience working with Verizon, U.S.A. and his own digital/Web Designing agency, Sarvesh has a deep understanding of application development and technology deployment. His digital agency, Techmagnate, of 9 years has won several awards for its excellence in delivery and performance. After closely working for 6 years with Mahimm’s field marketing company and building in-house applications for it, he has his finger on the technological needs of a comprehensive application like FReD. Needless to say, he is responsible for the technology that powers FReD.

Mahimm and Sarvesh started working on this idea in 2009 and the first version of the application was launched in 2010. It has already been extensively used in the field to manage about 50,000 stores, 3,000 merchandizers, and over 500,000 calls per month. Over the last 5 years it has successfully evolved into FReD – a mobile field reporting software with a 360 degree view of field operations.